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HTTP Request headers

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X-Forwarded-For maintains proxy server and original visitor IP addresses. If there was no existing X-Forwarded-For header in the request sent to Swarmd, X-Forwarded-For will have the original visitor IP address.

If X-Forwared-For is already present, Swarmd will append the proxied IP address to it.


X-Forwarded-Proto describe how the connection is done between Swarmd and the visitor.

It can be either http or https.


X-Forwarded-Port describe the port used for the connection between Swarmd and the visitor.

It can be either 80 or 443.


X-Forwarded-Host will have the worker address, for instance


X-I-SD-WID define your worker id, which is the deployed worker instance for the route.


X-SD-Loc define the location from where this request is coming from.