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👋 Welcome to Swarmd!


Swarmd is a new serverless platform built with latest technologies to allow you to deploy workers instantly across the globe with unmatched performances.

Swarmd aims to be fully compliant with GDPR. It’s made in the EU 🇪🇺, powered by European-owned infrastructure across the world.


We have three main objectives we pursue.


There are a lot of way to do javascript out here, we aims to not add a new framework or a new way to do it.

What we want is for you to be able to run your worker no matter if it was written with Cloudflare Workers, Deno, Bun or like an good old NodeJS server.

You write your business logic and the glue to make it work in any provider should be really easy.

Easy to use

We want Swarmd to be easy to use, and easy to scale with really affordable prices.


We want to be accountable for the ecological impact we have.

We use Rust for almost everything to build resiliant & stable applications, this also allow us to optimize the effiency of our engine.

We want to be able to tell any of our user the impact of their workers depending on the location.

These are the items we’ll work on about this part:

  • Provide each worker a way to analyze the ecological impact of each request and the consumption for each worker.
  • Prefer hosting providers that are part of the The Green Web Fundation (TGWF).

Open source

Swarmd will be Open Source at the end of 2024, it’s a complex application which relies on a lot of open source work, so it’s a given we’ll try to contribute too.

As we are still a quite early product, we do not have the bandwicht right now to do it, but it’s one of the main goal of 2024.